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People with a determined vision are able to change a nation. Extending Hope in partnership with other global non-profit organizations are able to provide seminars and training courses to local men and women. Willing participants are enrolled in our 12-week Nation Building School and receive onsite and in the field training.  Participants are introduced to personal and community responsibility in hopes that they will further facilitate empowerment of sustainable development in their communities.

With innovation and perseverance, citizens of Malawi are able to build small business and make a living. But this requires training, knowledge and the will to change. In order to ensure sustainability, people are also accompanied and advised to do so after school training. In all training courses, the focused goal is on sustainable self-help and community support. There are no dependencies to be created; rather, people are authorized to exercise their own responsibility.

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Our project needs your support today. Our concept is simple: we run a charity where all funds raised go directly to children and families to keep them happy and healthy. To make sure 100% of your donation reaches the community in Malawi, all other expenses like administration, marketing, and travel costs are born by the board members.  Support a developing nation and help bring Malawi out of poverty by aid to self-help.

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