Helping Hands for a Healthy Community

Extending Hope is committed to educating people on how to avoid preventable diseases. In seminars, people learn how to use household items and renovation techniques to prevent diseases like malaria. Other seminars are focused on educating people about balanced diet and healthy cooking to prevent malnutrition. After seminars, families are able to take home mosquito nets to help them stay protected from malaria in their own homes.

In Fall of 2016, Extending Hope opened their community clinic center. Our clinic is able to provide first aid and simple medication to those in need. Since the clinic opened, Extending Hope has been able to help over 5'000 people. Since hospitals and other doctor facilities are over 50km away and come at a higher cost our presence in the community has provided services to people who would not have other means of health care access.

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Our project needs your support today. Our concept is simple: we run a charity where all funds raised go directly to children and families to keep them happy and healthy. To make sure 100% of your donation reaches the community in Malawi, all other expenses like administration, marketing, and travel costs are born by the board members.  Support a developing nation and help bring Malawi out of poverty by aid to self-help.

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