Our History

The Extending Hope Organisation was founded in 2011 by Decent and Nadja Levson and has since then trained thousands of people through different seminars. Nadja is swiss and a high school teacher, and Decent is agricultural specialist, and an entrepreneur from Malawi. Nadja in Decent live in Malawi and lead the different projects through the years.

Our Motive

We aim to improve the quality of life for people living in impoverished communities through vocational training, education opportunities, and sustainable social projects.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring more equality to impoverished communities and to achieve a self sufficient economy in Malawi.


Extending Hope Foundation is a non-governmental and interdenominational development organization. Our focus is Africa while we are currently working in Malawi. Extending Hope is working with local and international experts in the area of education, health care (including water & sanitation), agriculture and economics (including alternative energy).

Our values

Our values are based on the biblical understanding of man as the image bearer of God who deserves love and respect. For the same reason Extending Hope does not discriminate or favour anybody in respect of his or her religious background.We aim to make a difference and to help society.

Our Vision

Extending Hope promotes sustainable development and thus brings new hope to those in hopeless situations.
To achieve this, Extending Hope offers...

  • practical training in improved agricultural methods

  • provides teachings on how to start and run small-scale businesses

  • offers formal training for teachers and helps developing the school curriculum towards a more practical and successful primary and secondary school education

  • encourages and implements community led health care centres